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    TOEFL Junior 阅读教材

    TOEFL Junior Reading Comprehension 目录 1 TOEFL Junior 阅读宏观综述 Introduction to TOEFL Junior Reading Comprehension 3 2 TOEFL Junior 阅读题型介绍 3 2.1 词汇题 3 2.2 事实信息题 4 2.3 否定事实信息题 6 2.4 指代题 7 2.5 修辞目的题 9 2.6 推断题 10 2.7 主旨题 11 3 TOEFL Junior 阅读篇章练习 12 天文类 12 地理地质类 20 生物类 29 生态学类 36 古生物类 42 人文社会科学类 49 美国历史题材 54 文学艺术类 77 1 TOEFL Junior 阅读宏观综述 Introduction to TOEFL Junior Reading Comprehension TOEFL Junior阅读考试主要考查学生寻找文章基本信息,进行合理推理以及理解文章内容概要的能力。 TJ阅读部分总共包括6-7篇文章,每篇文章包括4-10题不等,总题数为40-42题,文章取材主要分为两类,分别是应用型文体和学术型文体。应用型文体包括电子邮件,书面邮件,通知公告等等;学术型文体主要包括自然科学,社会科学,艺术等不同的学科领域,多数是对某一个学术内容的综述性介绍。 2 TOEFL Junior 阅读题型介绍 2.1 词汇题 1. 考察实质 词汇题考察考生是否理解文章中个别单词或短语的具体意思。单词的意思必须符合原文的意思。需要指出的是,TJ阅读词汇题并没有一个必然会考到的“词汇表”。通常情况下,备考到的单词或短语对于理解文章的一个大的或重要的部分起到至关重要的作用。 2. 提问方式 词汇题很好识别,在文章中每五行会有行号,然后问题如下: X, the word ABC is closest in meaning to _______ 3. 解题要点 1). 如果认识单词,选择与文中意思相符的选项 2). 如果不认识单词 (1) 词根词缀法 (2) 上下文推断法 上下文推断法可利用的线索:同义关系,反义关系,解释关系,词语搭配 4. 例题 The largest giant gas planet, Jupiter, with a volume 1,300 times greater than Earth's, contains more than twice the mass of all the other planets combined. It is thought to be a gaseous and fluid planet without solid surfaces. Had it been somewhat more massive, Jupiter might have attained internal temperatures as high as the ignition point for nuclear reactions, and it would have flamed as a star in its own right. 1. The word "attained" is closest in meaning to (A) attempted (B) changed (C) lost (D) reached No two comets ever look identical, but they have basic features in common, one of the most obvious of which is a coma. A coma looks like a misty, patch of light with one or more tails often streaming from it in the direction away from the Sun. 2. The word "identical" is closest in meaning to (A) equally fast (B) exactly alike (C) near each other (D) invisible Molt requires that a bird find and process enough protein to rebuild approximately one-third of its body weight. It is not surprising that a bird in heavy molt often seems unwell. But far


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