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With every passing year, technological advances are reaching more godlike dimensions—enabling humans to move about, communicate, and heal ourselves in previously unimaginable ways. As new technologies and applications arise, how will we cope with the effects of their power? What price will we pay for cheating death, creating life, and genetically altering living beings—including ourselves? As we spend more time alone and in virtual worlds, will what divides us grow more powerful than what unifies us? With this study, we seek to understand people’s perceptions and expectations of various aspects of technology in order to gain a clearer glimpse of what is to come. 2 / 40 About the Study In March/April 2017, Havas partnered Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, with Market Probe International to Cambodia, Canada, China, the Czech Singapore, South Africa, Spain, survey 12,168 men and women ages Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, France, the United Arab Emirates, 18+ in 32 markets: Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, the United States. the Netherlands, the Philippines, Poland, The survey sample Who Are Prosumers? was made up of 21% Prosumers are today’s leading leading-edge PROSUMERS influencers and market drivers. They’ve been a focus of Havas studies for


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