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【毕业论文】外文翻译--电子商务中的信息安全问题.doc 9页

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E-commerce Information Security Problems Ⅰ. Introduction E-commerce (E-Business) is in open networks, including between enterprises (B2B), business and consumers (B2C) commercial transactions, compared with the traditional business model, e-commerce with efficient, convenient, covered wide range of characteristics and benefits. However, e-commerce open this Internet-based data exchange is great its security vulnerabilities, security is a core e-commerce development constraints and key issues. In this paper, the basic ideas and principles of systems engineering, analyzes the current security threats facing e-commerce, in this based on security technology from the perspective of development trend of e-commerce. Ⅱ. E-commerce model Modern e-commerce technology has focused on the establishment and operation of the network of stores. Network in the department stores and real stores no distinction between structure and function, differences in their function and structure to achieve these methods and the way business operate. Web store from the front view is a special kind of WEB server. WEB site of modern multimedia support and a good interactive feature as the basis for the establishment of this virtual store, so customers can, as in a real supermarket pushing a shopping cart to select goods, and finally in the checkout check out. These online stores also constitute the three pillars of software: catalog, shopping cart and customer checkout. Customers use an electronic currency and transaction must store customers and stores are safe and reliable. Behind the store in the network, enterprises must first have a product storage warehouse and administration; second network to sell products by mail or other delivery channels to customers hands; Third, enterprises should also be responsible for product after-sales service, This service may be through networks, may not. Internet transactions are usually a first Pay the bill and getting goods shopping. For customers, conve


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