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高考英语一轮复习Unit5Themeparks单元知识检测课件新人教版必修4.ppt 13页

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单元知识检测 教材回扣 Ⅰ.用本单元所学短语完成句子 1.Three days had passed before he              (苏醒过 来).His parents never left the hospital until they saw him open his eyes. 2.Suddenly I found a stranger              (靠近) me, which made me a little nervous.? 3.If you want to see the film next Sunday,you’d better book the ticket         (提前).? 答案:1.came to ing close to 3.in advance 4.He has been there many times.         (难怪)he doesn’t approve of the plan to go there for holidays.? 5.I majored in English in college,so I            (熟悉) the English customs.? 答案:4.No wonder 5.am familiar with Ⅱ.课文缩写填空   There are 1.      (vary) kinds of theme parks.Some parks are famous 2.     having the biggest or longest roller coasters,3.     for showing the famous sights and sounds of a culture.Whichever 4.     whatever you like,there is a theme park for you!Disneyland,a fantasy 5.     (amuse) park,which offers a variety of 6.     (attract) for tourists,bringing you into a magical world.Dollywood,one of 7.     most unique theme parks in the world,shows and celebrates America’s 8.     (tradition) southeastern culture.If you want to experience the ancient days and great 9.     (deed) of English knights and ladies,princes and queens,then England’s Camelot Park 10.     (be) the place for you.? 答案:1.various 2.for 3.others 4.and 5.amusement 6.attractions 7.the 8.traditional 9.deeds 10.is 语境活用 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.Most of the lakes are located in the      (center) part of the country.? 2.China’s Cultural Theme Park offers its visitors a variety of      (amusement).? 3.One of the main       (attraction) of the job is the high salary. 4.Cambridge is always full of      (tourist) in summer.? 答案:1.central 2.amusements 3.attractions 4.tourists 5.Make sure that as you go from interview to interview,you are getting a      (various) of answers.(2017浙江,七选五)? 6.The      (long) of the truck is 12 meters.? 7.He is an experienced       (translate) and has worked in the


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