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雅思备考英语99句超王牌句型时间地点人物感受.pdf 11页

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注意:99 句练习的目的是帮助大家提升语感、词汇、句型、发音等,并非是在考场上必须原句使用。在考试中,如果某个词、 句型、句子自然脱口而出,很好。但是,不要逼迫自己必须说某个背过的句子。有时,在不合适的地方说出某个句子,反倒会 导 致整体回答很奇怪。 时间 1. My favorite movie star is Tom Cruise and I watch his movies quite often/prettyfrequently. 2. I believe it’s essential for children to play outdoors regularly/on a regular basis. 3. I never use perfume but my girlfriend wears it on a daily basis/every single day. 4. It doesn’t happen very often, but I do suffer from insomnia two or three times a month. 5. Since the air quality in my hometown isn’t quite up to par, I only stand on my balcony and look at the starsfrom time to time/occasionally. 6. I seldom/hardly ever buy real books now cuz I find it much easier and far more convenient to buy and read books on my Kindle. 7. Coffee appeals to me much more than tea. I actually drink tea once in a blue moon. essential 必要的 regularly=on a regular basis 经常地、定期地 on a daily basis=every single day=every day 每天 sufferfrom insomnia 失眠 since 由于 not up to par 达不到标准、质量不高 balcony 阳台 from time to time=occasionally 偶尔、有时 seldom=hardly ever 很少 cuz=because appeal to sb 吸引某人、令某人喜欢 once in a blue moon 极少地、破天荒地 地点 8. What I like the most about my neighborhood is that there’s a river close to it and I quite enjoy taking a relaxing stroll along that river. 9. I guess some people throw garbage on the streets because there are no trash cans in the vicinity of their homes/in close proximity to their homes. 10. My relatives and I always visit each other because we live within walking distance of each other’s home. 11. There used to be a street market near my home which only took me about 3 minutes to walk there. 12. Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Chinese people because it only takes 3 to 4 hours to get there by plane. 注意:99 句练习的目的是帮助大家提升语感、词汇、句型、发音等,并非是在考场上必须原句使用。在考试中,如果某个词、 句型、句子自然脱口而出,很好。但是,不要逼迫自己必须说某个背过的句子。有时,在不合适的地方说出某个句子,反倒会 导致整体回答很奇怪。


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