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高中英语必修2全套单元导学案版本2.Doc 40页

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人教版高中英语必修2 全册导学案 高中英语必修2导学案 PAGE 目 录 Unit 1 Cultural relics Unit 2 The Olympic Games Unit 3 Computers Unit 4 Wildlife protection Unit 5 Music 高中英语必修2导学案 新课标人教版 Unit 1 Cultural relics 文化遗产 核心词汇 1.He lets his daughter____________(挑选)her own birthday present in the shop. 2.On arriving at the hotel,I approached the r____________desk to check in. 3.He proved himself innocent by providing a lot of e____________. 4. Three children were r____________from the school for their bad behavior. 5.It was a terrible accident.Very few passengers____________(幸存)it. 6.The two of them have____________(装饰)their new house romantically to celebrate their new life together. 7.The gloves were____________(设计)for extremely cold climates. 8.Our boss____________(爆发)with anger when he saw the sales report. 9.The island is deserted,and the chance of____________of the five____________of the shipwreck is slim.(survive) 10.It was____________that all the____________we collected proved him to be guilty.(evident) 11.All of us were____________at his really____________talent for music.(amaze) 12.用worth的适当形式填空 (1)Without thinking carefully about spending my money,I bought many____________things. (2)Although we take an hour a day for exercise,it is well____________it. 1.select 2.reception 3.evidence 4.removed 5.survived 6.decorated 7.designed 8.exploded 9.survival;survivors 10.evident;evidence 11.amazed;amazing 12.(1)worthless (2)worth 高频短语 1.________________  寻找 2.________________ 属于 3.________________ 作为报答;回报 4.________________ 处于交战状态 5.________________ 少于 6.________________ 拆开 7.________________ 看重;器重 8.________________ 调查 9.________________ 把某物从……搬到…… 10.________________ 而不是;与其 1.in search of 2.belong to 3.in return 4.at war,5.less than 6.take apart 7.think highly of 8.look into,9.remove sth.from...to... 10.rather than 重点句式 1.________________the two countries were at war. 这是在两国交战的时期。 2.________________the boxes were then put on a train for K?nigsberg,which was at th


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