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2016年小升初英语招生试卷 说明:请在答卷上作答; 全卷共6页, 九大题, 满分100分, 考试时间为50分钟。 I. 语音 找出划线部分读音不同的单词(每题1分,共5分) ( ) 1. A. bird B. doctor C. nurse D. girl ( ) 2. A. when B. what C. who D. which ( ) 3. A. good B. wool C. spoon D. foot ( ) 4. A. talk . B. fall C. chalk D. already ( ) 5. A. elbow B. dress C. children D. elephant II. 单项选择(每题1分,共10分) ( ) 6. ---Bob, is this _________football sock? --Yes, it is. Mum. --- Where is __________one? --I think it's under the table. ---___________away, please. A. your, another, Puting it B. your, the other, Put them C. their, other, Putting they D. my, others, Put its ( ) 7. One day last year, Jerry _________two _________of _________on the grass. A. sees, baskets, oranges B. see, baskets, oranges C. saw, basket, orange D. saw, baskets, oranges ( ) 8. --Have you seen _______bag? I left it here just now. It's _______Browns. ---Is it ________one on the chair near the door'? A. a, the, the B. the, the, the C. a, a, a D. the, the, a ( ) 9. Tom runs very _______, but Jerry even _______. Jack is _______of the three. A. slower, slowly, the best B. slowly, the slowest, better C. slow, slowlier, worse D. slowly, more slowly, the worst ( ) 10. He heard _____Tom yesterday, it said he was waiting ______Tom _______the library ______that rainy night. A. to, for, out of, at B. from, for, at, on C. on, of, in, in D. after, with, by, in ( ) 11.______terrible that in the accident, Tom couldn't come out_____! Jerry couldn't ________! A. It's, in time, Either B. You're, on time. Neither C. How, at time, So D. What, to time, too ( )12. Yesterday, she ________


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