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    窗体顶端 张亭:84.3 轩秋明:76.5 马桂丹:92.2 Which three types of connectors are commonly associated with Cisco's V.35 serial cables? (Choose three.)本题考查的是V.35 P237 RJ 11 DB 60 Winchester 15 pin DB 9(张亭2、3、4) smart serial RJ 45(轩秋明2、3、6) 窗体底端 2 窗体顶端 What makes fiber preferable to copper cabling for interconnecting buildings? (Choose three.) 本题考查的光纤的优点P232 greater distances per cable run lower installation cost limited susceptibility to EMI/RFI durable connections(轩秋明1、3、4) greater bandwidth potential easily terminated 窗体底端 3 窗体顶端 Which subnet mask would be assigned to the network address of to provide 254 useable host addresses per subnetwork?子网划分 窗体底端 4 窗体顶端 Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements identify the type of cabling that would be used in the segments that are shown? (Choose three.)本题考查的是LAN布线区P231 Segment 1 uses backbone cabling. Segment 1 uses a patch cable. Segment 3 uses patch cabling. Segment 3 uses vertical cabling.(马桂丹2、4、5) Segment 3 uses horizontal cabling. Segment 4 uses vertical cabling. 窗体底端 5 窗体顶端 Refer to the exhibit. Based on the IP configuration shown, what would be the result of Host A and Host B attempting to communicate outside the network segment?网关的作用 both host A and B would be successful(张亭) host A would be successful, host B would fail host B would be successful, host A would fail both Host A and B would fail 窗体底端 6 窗体顶端 Refer to the exhibit. A network technician has been allocated the private IP address range for use in the network that shown in the exhibit. Which subnet mask would be used to meet the host requirements for segment A of this internetwork?子网划分 窗体底端 7 窗体顶端 A company is planning to subnet its network for a maximum o


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