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    Mosuo --- The last matriarchal society

    How does a girl refuses a man’s visit? not to visit when… the women place a pairs of his shoes beside the window no complain, no jealousy, just accept what have happened Calling for respect!!! As we 56 nationalities are living together, only if we live with respect for each nationality can we all live happily and harmoniously together. * * ?Mosuo---The last matriarchal society Introduction Known as Mosuo nationality; Belonging to Na; Living in Sichuan & Yunnan; Sharing a population of 40,000 ; Near Tibet , Himalayas. Daily life Clothing Men: felt cap; similar to Zang nationality. Women: long hair; knot with ornaments; flower coat; Eleven (纱裙) Residence Two-storey building (first floor—raising cattle; eating; activities; second floor– girls’ room) Flower building Food Rice,maize,cheese,buttered tea,Su Lima wine(苏玛里酒) Pork Saute(猪膘肉) Transportation Blocking Traditional Lugu river(泸沽湖) The pig slot ship(猪槽船), horse Once they feel interested in each other… Who raise their children? No traditional marriage. No husbands or wives. Mosuo women are “promiscuous(淫乱)”? No!


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