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curvelab 曲波变换原理
CurveLab Toolbox, Version 2.0 Emmanuel Cand`es, Laurent Demanet, Lexing Ying Applied and Computational Mathematics California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA 91125 1 Introduction CurveLab is a collection of Matlab and C++ programs for the Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform in two and three dimensions. For the 2d curvelet transform, the software package includes two distinct implementations: the wrapping-based transform and the transform using unequally-spaced fast Fourier trans- form (USFFT). Both variants are based on the Curvelet transform as described in ‘New Tight Frames of Curvelets and Optimal Representations of Objects with Piecewise C2 Sin- gularities’, Comm. Pure Appl. Math. 57 (2004) 219-266. The implementation is also discussed in detail in the Technical Report “Fast Discrete Curvelet Transforms” available at . We advise users to become familiar with these references. The two implementations differ by the choice of spatial grid used to translate curvelets at each scale and angle. • The USFFT version uses a decimated rectangular grid tilted along the main direction of each curvelet. There is one such grid per scale and angle, and this implementation is therefore very close to the definition given in the above reference. For the digital transform, tilting the grids induces a resampling of the Fourier transform on semi- regular grids, hence the use of a (perhaps novel) USFFT routine. For the inversion, a conjugate-gradient solver rapidly converges to the solution. • The wrapping version uses, instead, a decimated rectangular grid aligned with the image axes. For a given scale, there are essentially two such grids (decimated mostly horizontally or mostly vertica


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