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It is reported that last Tuesday, a young traffic policeman was knocked down by accident and sent to the nearby hospital. 据报道,上周二一名年轻的交警意外地被撞倒,然后送往了就近的医院。As students, we agree that we should take full advantage of time to practice ourselves and receive more education so that we will have a bright future. 作为学生,我们都同意这样的说法,我们应该充分利用时间来锻炼自己,接受更多的教育以便今后我们有所成就。Sometimes, the tired scientist wants to give up the plan for he has failed in the experiment some times, but he still spends some time on it every day because he believes he will be successful sometime. 有时,那个疲劳的科学家想要放弃那个计划,因为他已经几次在实验中失败了,但是,他仍每天在这上面花时间,因为他相信,在将来某个时刻会成功的。You can try borrowing some money from this rich woman, but I am afraid she won't lend even one dollar to you. 你可以试着从那个富有的女人那里借钱,但我恐怕她连一元也不会借给你。To our surprise, though the result of the exam is surprising, the teacher was not surprised at it. 使我们惊讶的是,尽管考试的结果令人吃惊,但是老师一点都不惊讶。The support from his whole family gave him confidence to solve the difficult problem and finally he not only discovered a new disease but also invented new medicine against it. 来自他全家的支持给了他解决难题的信心,最终他不仅发现了新的疾病而且发明了新药抵制这种疾病。Since the clever boy realizes that he himself is keen on physics, he makes a decision to study this interesting subject well with the help of his teacher. 由于那个聪明的男孩意识到他自己热爱物理,他决定在老师的帮助下好好学这个有趣的学科。Besides eating more vegetables and less meat, these fat men have to take several exercises such as playing basketball, running in order to lose weight. 除了多吃蔬菜少吃肉,这些肥胖的男人们必须做一些锻炼来减肥,例如打篮球,跑步。It is very kind of you to help us repair this new computer for it is difficult for us to finish the work without it in time. 你太好了,帮我们修好了这台新电脑,因为对我们来说,没有它要及时完成工作是困难的。All the members in this club are worried about the changes of climate so they perform an activity to ask more people to protect environment. 这个俱乐部的所有成员都担心气候的变化,因此他们发起一个活动让更多的人来保护环境。Nowadays, more and more countries start to pay attention to the pollution, they advise people to prefer paper bags to plastic ones when they go sh

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