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* Hi ! We are here ! 组长:陈少华、 组员:蕫叶、卢坤、常建 Are you going to travel this year? If let me choose the first place to go, so is Beijing As?the?capital?of?the?People's?Republic?of?China,Beijing?is?one?of?the?world's?truly?imposing?cities,?with?a?3,000-year?history,?it?is?the?nation's?political,?economic,?cultural?and?educational?center?as?well?as?being?the?China's?most?important?center?for?international?trade?and?communications.? Tian’an Men Square Tian'anmen Square in the center of Beijing is the world's largest city square, where sunrises and sunsets are observed solemnly with national flag hoisting and lowering ceremonies. Thousands of people come to the Square every day. It is the must place to visit in Beijing City. Great Wall As an emblem of Chinese civilization, a cultural phenomenon of world caliber, and another world cultural heritage site, the 6350km Great Wall was in China's feudal years a mammoth defense bulwark that serpentines its way across mountains and valleys in the northern part of the country. Thirteen Ming Tombs The Ming The largest is the Changling, built in 1413 for the remains for Zhu Di or Emperor Chengzu. Burial objects are on display from the underground palace of the Dingling, the tomb of the last Ming emperor,Zhu Yijun, and his two empresses. The Holy Way leading to the Ming Tombs is flanked on both sides by 30-odd men and horses and other animals carved in graphic images out of massive boulders. Summer Palace As a paragon of Chinese gardens, this huge garden includes Longevity Hill, whose beauty is set off by a multitude of halls, kiosks and trees, and Kunming Lake, a huge body of liquid silver. Major tourist attractions are Tower of Buddhist Incense, 17-Span Bridge, Long Gallery, Cloud Dispelling Hall, Marble Boat, Beamless Hall, Garden of Harmonious Delights, the theatre in the Garden of Moral Harmony, and Suzhou Street. The entire place is a de facto museum of China's classical architecture. Housed in these buildings are an imme

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