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长 春 工 业 大 学 课 程 教 案 / 讲 稿 用 纸 讲 授 内 容 教学设计/备注 Unit One Changes in the Way We Live I. Objective: Students will be able to: 1. grasp the main idea (tolerance for solitude and energy made it possible for the writer’s family to enjoy their pleasure but sometimes harsh country life); 2. appreciate the various techniques employed by the writer (comparison and contrast, topic sentences followed by detail sentences, use of transitional devices, etc.); 3. master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text; 4. conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme of the unit. II. Time allotment: 1st period:pre-reading;while-reading (4-Part division, Part I) 2nd period:while-reading (Part I-III) 3rd period:While-reading; Post-reading (comparison & contrast) 4th period:post-reading; Check on Ss’s home reading (Text B) 5th period;Theme-related language learning tasks A. Pre-reading tasks 1. T asks Ss the following questions on the song Out in the Country: (5 minutes) ---What is the song about? (taking a break from city life, escaping from the crowd) ---How is the song related to the theme of this unit? (The singer needs a break because the pace of life has quickened, the environment has been changed, and the old life style is gone) 2. 1) Ss divide into three large groups, under each group smaller sub-groups may form. Each large group is assigned one of the following discussion topics: ---Why do so many migrant workers (民工) move from the country to the city? ---Why do city people buy apartments or houses in the suburbs, even in the countryside? ---Why are tours of Zhou Zhuang (周庄), Li Jiang (丽江) or any other old towns so popular? Why are tourists willing to pay to spend a day in a farmer’s house? 2) After the discussion, speakers of some sub-groups report to class. 3). T may sum up like this: People change their places of living because they look for things that their previous life is unable to provide. Ho

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