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Contemporary Hitchcock Nolan's films are always emotional or conceptualized around a theme to expand, reflecting the obsession by some functional loss of the hero, showing the extreme state of spirit. "Memento" is the instinctive recognition on guilt and personality, reflecting the people's dependence on memory, Leonard obsessed with rape and kill his wife to pursue criminals, memory disorders, can not remember what just happened ; "Insomnia" is about guilt, lack of sleep so that the protagonist can not concentrate all day depressed, reflecting the people's dependence on sleep. Nolan obsessed nonlinear narrative, which recalls the man who stands behind "Butterfly Dream" - Alfred Hitchcock, while the British, and the same is Leo. . . . . In the world of digital and 3D rampant moment. Nolan insists film creation, keen to use props, models shoot real effect, and real shot by the IMAX camera for the audience to bring more grand visual impact,in the form of narrative and treacherous deep Arts. My favorite Batman The Dark Knight is my favourite Nolan’s movie .Because is a serious Crime Suspen-Story ,not only ?comic book?films. It ranks at 7 in IMDB, the highest of all ?comic book?films . Why so serious? Heath Ledger played a role called joker in Batman The Dark Knight .He won the Oscar Best Supporting Actor because of this character, but he didn’t come to stage to accept the award .Because he had been in heaven before the movie on. just leaving a impressive classical actor's?lines Why so serious? Thank you Christopher Nolan and his movies Introduction Christopher Jonathan James Nolan?(born30 July 1970) is a British-American?film director?,writer?and producer. He is best known for writing and directing such critically acclaimed films as?Memento, the remake Insomnia,?The Prestige,?Inception, and rebooting the?Batman?film franchise. The Maiden?Work Nolan directed his Following,in1998, the film depicts a writer who


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