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* * Unit11 Business and Environment Protection CONTENTS Teaching Aims Text A Text B Supplementary Reading TEACHING AIMS After studying this unit, you are required to 1. Have a general idea of the Business and Environment Protection . 2. Understand the relationship between the Business and Environment Protection. 3. Master the difficult words and expressions. Text A The bubble car is back The need to reduce emissions, an acute scarcity of land for roads and parking, and the prospect of laws restricting conventional cars all point to the idea that different and smaller types of vehicle will be in demand. With that in mind, some of those designers are coming up with things that look a lot like a vehicle that was familiar more than 50 years ago. Welcome to the return of the bubble car. TEXT A Preview TEXT A Reading Comprehension Read the following sentences and decide whether they are true(T) or false(F). 1. By 2030 more than 60% of the world’s population is expected to be living in cities, up from 50% now, and more of them will be able to afford cars.( ) F 2 With that in mind, all of those designers are coming up with things that look a lot like a vehicle that was familiar more than 50 years ago. ( ) 3.Rising incomes, falling fuel prices and changing fashions did for the original bubble cars, but the idea seems ripe for revival and three new versions, known as EN-Vs (for Electric Networked-Vehicles), are enthralling the crowds at the Expo 2010 in Beijing. ( ) T TEXT A Reading Comprehension T 4.A computer controls the resultant balancing act, using a series of motion sensors and gyroscopes. ( ) 5.The advantage of having only two wheels is that the car can be shrunk into a small package.( ) TEXT A Reading Comprehension T F TEXT A Notes 1. Messerschmitt:a famous German aircraft manufacturing corporation (AG) named for its chief designer, Willy Messerschmitt, and known


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