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PAGE PAGE 3 M1U2 单选训练 What are you reading, Tom? I’m not really reading, just ___ the pages. A. turning off B. turning around C. turning over D. turning up 2. As soon as Liu Xing ____ at the airport, people waiting there cheered and screamed. A. turned down B. turned up C. turned to D. turned over 3. You’re ___ your time trying to persuade him; he’ll never join us. A. spending B. wasting C. losing D. missing 4. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang had no choice but ___ out of the race because of his foot injury. A. drop B. dropped C. to drop D. dropping 5. We went to Canada to travel and my cousin ___ as our guide. A. played B. showed C. acted D. performed 6. After receiving the news, immediate ___ was taken by the local government to stop the spreading of the H1N1 flu virus. A. speed B. behavior C. action D. decision 7. Hu, Tracy, you look tired. I’m tired. I _____ the living room all day. A. painted B. had painted C. have been painting D. have painted 8. They ___ that they could fly to the moon by spaceshiop some day in the future. A. hope B. wish C. want D. expect 9. Usually John would be late for meetings. But this time, ___ to my surprise, he arrived on time. A. little B. much C. ever D. even 10. ___ and happy, Tony stood up and accepted the prize. A. Surprising B. Surprised C. Being surprised D. To be surprising 11. The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if ___ regularly, can improve our health. A. being carried out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out 12. My pocket money____.Could you lend me some? A. is run out B. has run out C. has run out of D. has been run out 13. The message is very important, so it is supposed ____ as soon as possible. A. to be sent B. to send C. being sent D. sending 14. I received a letter from Tom, a classmate at primary school yest


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