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Testing Follow on LCM What purpose is on the testing Station PCBI :Check some defect like PCBA Function… After OLB & PCB bonding process . AAFC : After Assembly Function Check which check some defects after assembly and adjust flicker on the LCM Aging : Provide high temper 50°C 4 hrs,Using the condition to test the reliability on the Panel. C ken : Final Check and judge the Grade on the panel they are base on PC Base Pattern Generator ……. PC Base Pattern Generator Base On Personal Computer General Low Cost Pattern Edit and Program is easy Function Block of the PC Base P/G Panel link to LVDS Function Block Data Communications Type TTL ( Transistor Transistor Logic ) LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signal) TMDS(Transition Minimized Differential signal) What is TMDS? Transition Minimized Differential Signal introduction 1.TMDS link is used to send graphic data too monitor. 2.Use 3 differential data pairs with timing and control data embedded in data transmission 3.Use low-swing differential voltage TMDS Logical Architecture What is LVDS? Data Communications of LVDS Compress Type Compress Rate : 7 times it is be ….. TX0:R0~R5,G0 TX1:G1~G5,B0,B1 TX2:B2~B5,H_snyc,V_snyc,DE …….as 6 bit data transmitter TX0:R0~R5,G0 TX1:G1~G5,B0,B1 TX2:B2~B5,H_snyc,V_snyc,DE TX3:R6,R7,G6,G7,B6,B7,X …….as 8 bit data transmitter What is EDID? Extend Display Identification Data Standard Purpose It is build on VESA standard to define the Display filed. The Original EDID Structure definition from DDC Standard. Data format Vendor/Product Identification/EDID Version/Basic Display Parameters/Features/Established/Standard Timing/Detail Timing/Extension Flag/Checksum Data Communication Method Display card get Data for displaying by SM_Bus protocol What is improve on the LCM Testing Dept. Timing List on VESA Resolu


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