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检测和校准实验室能力认可准则(ISOIEC 170252017)讲解.pptx 265页

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Accreditation Criteria for the Competency of Testing and Calibration Laboratories 检测和校准实验室能力认可准则 (ISO/IEC 17025:2017);;;;;;;;;? 本准则规定了实验室能力公正性以及持续运作的通用要求。 This document specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories;;?;;;? ISO/IEC指南99和ISO/IEC 17000中界定的以及下述术语和定义适用于本准 则。 For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO/IEC Guide 99 and ISO/IEC 17000 and the following apply. ? ISO和IEC维护的用于标准化的术语数据库地址如下: ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses: -- ISO 在线浏览平台: /obp -- ISO Online browsing platform: available at https:// www .iso .org/ obp -- IEC 电子开放平台: / -- IEC Electropedia: available at http:// www .electropedia .org/;3.1 impartiality;3.2 Complaint 投诉 expression of dissatisfaction by any person or organization to a laboratory (3.6), relating to the activities or results of that laboratory, where a response is expected 任何人员或组织向实验室(3.6)就其活动或结果表达不满意,并期望得到回 复的行为。 [SOURCE: ISO/IEC 17000:2004, 6.5, modified — The words “other than appeal” have been deleted, and the words “a conformity assessment body or accreditation body, relating to the activities of that body” have been replaced by “a laboratory, relating to the activities or results of that laboratory”.] [源自: ISO 17000:2004, 6.5 修改—删除了“除申诉外”,以“实验室就其活动或结 果”代替“合格评定机构或认可机构就其活动”];;;;;Note 1 to entry: When applicable, measurement uncertainty should be taken into consideration. 注1:适用时,宜考虑测量不确定度。 Note 2 to entry: The item may be, for example, a process, measurement procedure, material, compound, or measuring system. 注2:项目可以是,例如一个过程、测量程序、物质、化合物或测量系统。 Note 3 to entry: The specified requirements may be, for example, that a manufacturer’s specifications are met. 注3:规定要求可以是如满足生产商的规定。 Note 4 to entry: Verification in legal metrology, as defined in VIML, and in conformity assessment in general, pertains to the examination and marking and/or issuing of a verification certificate for a measur


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