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英语学习辅导报 出品 How did Claire feel? What happened? _____________ Tony folded his arms around her, bending his face close to hers and _______that he didn’t want to leave her and that he felt more than just the _____ to please her. __________ She was envied by those women. ___________ She remembered Tony was just a machine. surprised happy sad declared desire Isaac Asimov’s Laws For robots First Law : A robot must not injure human beings or allow them to be injured. Second law : …….. Third Law : …….. 1.Read the text loudly and fluently 2.Preview “ A biography of Isaac Asimov”(P16) 3.Finish off the Exercises on the worksheet. Language points Satisfaction C n.令人满意的事物 U n.满意;满足to one’s ~ v. satisfy adj. satisfied 满意的 adj. Satisfying ,satisfactory 令人满意的/ 良好的/圆满的 It’s a satisfactory/satisfying excuse for his absence. 1 satisfaction 2. experiment with: vt. 试用(用...作试验) Small businesses are anxious to experiment with computers . 小型企业都急于试 用计算机。 experiment n. do an experiment perform an experiment carry out an experiment 3. absent adj. absence n. 1. 缺席的,不在场的(+from) He is absent from Hong Kong. 他不在香港。 2. 茫茫然的,心不在焉的 He looked at me in an absent way. 他茫然地望着我。 He had an absent look on his face. 他脸上露出心不在焉的神色。 4 embarrass 【 vt. 】to cause to feel ashamed or uncomfortable使困窘/ 使局促不安 Are you trying to embarrass me? 【 adj. 】 embarrassed embarrassing. I felt embarrassed by my being late. 【 un. 】 embarrassment 5 pile n. 堆, 叠 vi. 堆起, 堆积 vt. 把......堆起 There were a pile of magazines on the desk . I’ve got piles of work to do this evening . The fallen leaves piled up .堆积 a pile of / piles of = lots of 成堆的/ 成批的 6. or rather ad. 确切地说(说得更准确些) This new product, or rather, this new style of shirt, is not very attractive American, or rather, Afro- American is good at Jazz music. 美国人,或者更确切地说非洲裔美国人擅长爵士 音乐。 【 n. 】 reach within one’s reach out of one’s reach = beyond one’s reach


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