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中考阅读理解归纳概括性题目解题方法及练习.pdf 3页

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中考阅读理解归纳概括性题目解题方法及练习 归纳概括性题目要求在阅读和理解全文的基础上对文章做出归纳、概括或评价。比如涉及文章的 标题(title)、主题(main idea)、结论(conclusion)、结局(end)等有关问题,都需要在 细读全文的基础上,结合所学语言知识、背景知识、生活常识、科学专业知识进行逻辑思维、推理、 判断,从而获取文章中内隐的信息。 归纳概括性阅读理解题常见的题干: 1. The passage mainly shows us __________. 2. The passage is mainly about ____________. 3. The best title of the story is _____________. 4. The main idea of the passage is that __________. 5. The story tell us “__________ ” 6. The writer is mainly talking about ___________. 7.Which of the following is the best title? 8. From the text we can conclude( 得出结论) that________. Passage 1 Henry was an office worker in a big city. He worked very hard and enjoyed traveling in his holidays. He usually went to the seaside, but one year he saw an advertisement in a newspaper. “Enjoy country life. Spend a few weeks at West Hill Farm. Good food. Fresh air. Horse riding. Walking. Fishing. Cheap and interesting.” “This soundsa good idea,” he thought. “I’ll spendamonth atWest Hill Farm. Ithink Ican enjoy horse riding, walking and fishing. They’llmake a change from sittingby the seaside and swimming.” He wrote to the farmer. In the letterhe said that he would like to spend all of July there. Then on the first of July, he left for West Hill Farm. But four days later, he returned home. “Whatwas wrongwith West Hill Farm?” hisbest friend,Ed, askedhim. “Didn’tyou enjoy country life?” “Country life was very good,” Henry said. “But there was another problem.” “Oh. What?” “Well,” he said, “the first day Iwas there a sheep died, and we had roast mutton for dinner.” “What's wrong with that?” Ed asked. “Fresh meat is the best.” “I know, but on the second day a cow died, and we had roast beef for dinner.” “Lucky you!” “You don't understand,” Henry said. “On the third day a pig died andwe had roast pork for dinner.” “A d


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