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* This is taken from the HSE web site and illustrates the ultimate. Here we have the two extreams.A totally unguarded press and a totally unrideable horse * Back to the press ….. This is a method of designing out the hazard but in general, only a few types of press can make use of this. It is difficult to see on most power presses, how the hazards can be designed out. * Back to the press. Here we see a similar press guarded ready for use. It has fixed guards to the side …………, and a movable guard to the front………….. This is a Udal guard. It is a completely mechanical affair interlocked with the clutch brake mechanism. The side guards show here a good example of a “fixed guard” * This standard recommends that the minimum height is 200mm. Depending on the distance to the hazard point, this could be up to 1m. But the restrictions and justification you may need to prepare generally urges you to default to the minimum. Many of the guarding manufacturers recommend that this distance should be about 150mm. This will prevent limbo dancers getting past the guard. * Here we have a drive system for a rolling mill. The motor couplings to the gearbox and the couplings from the gearbox to the rollers are protected with mesh guards. * Here is another example of an enclosing guard. This guard would only need to be removed to repair or service the gears. Note that in this guard has a mesh insert. It is important that the mesh size will not allow the European standard finger to touch the gears. Both this and the previous slide have see through guards. This could be for many reasons, including cost. In these cases the choice of guard type could be influenced by the need to see what gear ratios are in use or maybe to enable a temperature or vibration probe to be placed on the bearings as part of a preventative maintenance routine. * This drawing from EN 953 show another type of distance guard. In this case the tunnel length should be long enough so that the operator can not reach t


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