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* * * * Hello, everyone! As far as I am concerned, although the study is important, but the entertainment is also essential . So l made this PPT to introduce you to American TV Series. It is the Gossip Girl. 制作人:张靖 Character Relationships The beautiful girl is Blair Waldorf . Blair is a Queen Bee of Manhattan’s social scene. And she is very smart and determined. Worship Audrey Hepburn . But her shortcomings are that she always wants to control others. This boy is Chuck Bass, he was often described as a womanizer and party lovers. But he is also keep to helps his friends. Firstly, let us look at the characters in the Gossip Girl. Chuck and Blair are a pair of lovers. This girl is Serena vander Woodesen who is described as has long pale gold hair and blue eyes . In the eyes of others, she is a beautiful and prefect girl . She likes her best friend Blair . She and her family have a great status in New York. Nate Archibald is the perfect "Golden Boy" in the Upper East Side. He has golden brown hair and green eyes . Because he can not make a choice between Blair and Serena .Finally, select and his father travel around the world. Dan Humphrey The boy sitting next to Serena is Dan Humphrey who is an aspiring writer and straight-arrow point to the guy have a good heart. Brother and sister Jenny Humphrey Besides the five characters who were mentioned regularly above, three characters appeared often . Jenny Humphrey is Dan's younger sister, who desperately tries to become the next Queen Bee, a goal that makes her realize the true values of life. The age of fourteen, she is the youngest female roles. Lily is Serena's mother Vanessa is a junior film producer. She is very smart and hard, because of her own efforts, she finally admitted to the New York University. Vanessa It is an adaptation of a novel for the scenario. The Story takes place in a private school, it describes the love, hate and all the gos


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