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高考英语一轮复习Unit3Ahealthylife单元知识检测课件新人教版选修6.ppt 15页

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单元知识检测 教材回扣 Ⅰ.用本单元所学短语完成句子 1.Their minds are bright               (尽管) their dirty hands and clothes.? 2.After a long journey,he was worn out and         (想要) having a good rest.? 3.His lateness was           (由于)the heavy traffic on the road.? 答案:1.in spite of 2.felt like 3.due to 4.I                (习惯于) getting up early and taking an hour’s walk before breakfast.? 5.          (决定)a new course and make one decision at a time.? 答案:4.am accustomed to 5.Decide on Ⅱ.课文缩写填空   It’s easy for you to start smoking,but once you become 1.     (addict) to it,you may find 2.     difficult for you to quit.Firstly,you may become physically addicted to nicotine,one of the hundreds of chemicals 3.      exist in cigarettes. 4.     (second),you may develop the habit of smoking and finally become 5.     (mental) addicted to it.You may believe that you will only feel good when you smoke and may find all kinds of negative emotions in you when you stop smoking.? 答案:1.addicted 2.it 3.that/which 4.Secondly 5.mentally 6.harmful 7.themselves 8.Being 9.appearance 10.smoking Smoking may have all kinds of 6.     (harm) effects on the health of both the smokers 7.     (them) and non-smokers around them. 8.     (be) a smoker,the offensive smell and 9.    (appear) of you may drive people around you away.So,it’s important that one should quit 10.    (smoke) and live a healthier life.? 语境活用 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.Cycling is good exercise.It      (strength) all the muscles of the body.? 2.If cancers are spotted early,there’s a high chance of      (survive). 3.I had grown not only physically, but also      (mental) in the past few years.(2017全国Ⅲ,短文改错)? 答案:1.strengthens  2.survival 3.mentally 4.I am a northerner,so I am not     (accustom) to the food that southerners often eat.? 5.The little girl was     (shame) of having failed in the final exam.? 6.    (addict) to playing computer games,the little boy has lost interest in his lessons.? 7.Keeping a di


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