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(山东专用)2020届高考英语一轮复习专题十四谓语动词课件.pptx 54页

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专题十四 谓语动词; A组????2017—2019年高考模拟·考点基础题组 1.(2019山东泰安英雄山中学期中, 61)We   ????(tell) to let our parents take the luggage when the customs workers asked questions.;3.(2019山东荣成六中检测,62)Since she was born, she   ???? (gain) impressive popularity—she is an international fashion queen. ;5.(2019山东济宁鱼台一中期中,62)People born during the year of dog   ????( believe) to take after some of the animal's characteristics, such as loyalty, patience, and reliability. ;7.(2018山东烟台高考诊断,62)When a balloon   ????(fly)into the sky, it doesn't end up staying there.;B组????2017—2019年高考模拟·专题综合题组 1.(2019 山东济南4月二模,64)The difference is that most Chinese paper-cuts are red, while those in other countries   ???? (be) often made in many other colors.;3.(2019山东安丘市、诸城市、五莲县、兰山区4月模拟,63)In Tsinghua, he met his wife Yang Jiang, who was to become a successful playwright and translator, and   ???? (marry) her in 1935.;5.(2019北京朝阳二模,1)I overlooked the Seine, the famous river I  ???? (read) about in so many poems. ;7.(2019山东泰安4月二模,66) The railway station's 5G network   ???? (see)as a milestone in Shanghai's commercial 5G deployment to become a dual-gigaband city;9.(2019北京昌平二模,2) Soon, our “funny jazz” became famous and we   ???? (invite) to per- form everywhere.;C组????2017—2019年高考模拟·应用创新题组 Passage 1 The China Shanghai International Arts Festival(CSIAF) and the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) signed a contract on a new dance production that 1????(create) by the famous dancer, Yang Liping on April 12, 2018 in Shanghai. Yang's new production Rite of Spring will premiere(首次公演) at the 20th CSIAF in October, and it  2????(perform) at the EIF in August, 2022. “The same belief in the value of cultural exchanges 3???? (share) by the two festivals. We hope that this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership,” said Joanna Baker, managing di- rector of the EIF. The EIF celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2017.The EIF is one of the most important art celebra- tions in the world, which builds a pla


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