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(山东专用)2020届高考英语一轮复习专题十二介词和动词短语课件.pptx 34页

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专题十二 介词和动词短语;A组????2017—2019年高考模拟·考点基础题组 题组一 介词 1.(2019山东邹城高三质检,67)Over the past decade, a global push to reduce hunger and extreme poverty has marked some significant successes, partly thanks  ???? the efforts of many interna- tional organizations. ;3.(2019 浙江金华十校模拟,61)  ???? the help of neighbors, the senior man made a Peppa model with iron and steel.;题组二 动词短语 1.(2019山东泰安3月一模,67)People on social media pointed   ???? that GPS systems would be confused by the five different layers of road.;4.(2019山东济宁微山二中期中,61)We used to think that comforting others was an ability that on- ly belongs   ????humans. ;B组????2017—2019年高考模拟·专题综合题组 题组一 介词;3.(2019北京顺义二模,3)So it can go into very small spaces. An octopus weighing about 230g can pass  ???? a 2.5cm-wide hole.;题组二 动词短语 1.(2019山东师大附中五模,70)And it often serves   ???? a bridge for communication.;C组????2017—2019年高考模拟·应用创新题组 Passage 1 Working in another country can be a great way of broadening your horizons. It is important to re- member from the start, however, that finding a job in another country will require determination and careful thought and planning  1????advance. If you have made the decision that you want to work outside the EU, you will have to take account  2????some important issues you may not have to consider when in the EU. For example, you may require a work visa or work permit  3???? working in your chosen country. It is also useful to bear other differences  4????mind, such as language, culture and climate. Once you have decided on a particular country, you should research the work opportunities and possibilities to find out whether you will require a work visa or work permit. You can check all this information thoroughly in ad- vance by getting in touch  5????the embassy of the country where you will be travelling. You can check the Internet and the local papers for information about jobs and accommodation. If you have an opportunity for the further education, you can find out if your qualifications w


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