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笔试部分(100) I.【基础检测】(10) *根据句意和首字母或汉语提示写单词! . My grandfather has n_______ much to do in the evening, so he always goes to bed early. .John got ________(无聊的)and he left the cinema early. 3).Lily had a w___________ time at the party yesterday. 4).The small village is famous for its _____________(瀑布). 5).They often surf the __________(互联网) on weekends. 6).—What kind of dance are you learning? -- __________(摇摆) dance. 7). I went to many cities last year, s______ as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. 8). Most students like to talk with friends o________. 9).Do you know the r_______ of your math exam? 10).Lina visited lots of ____________(博物馆)in British last summer. II.单项选择(15) ( )21.–Where ____ you go _____ your trip last month? -- I went to the beach . did, on B. did, in C. do, at D. do, for ( )22. Do you want to go _____ in winter? to somewhere warm B. somewhere warm C. to anywhere warm D. anywhere warm ( )23. I called you yesterday, but _____ answered me. A. no B. no one C. anyone D. someone ( )24. She is here ____ me. A. because B. because of C. although D. though ( )25. It’s windy and cold outside, so we decided _____ outside. A. to go B. not go C. not to go D. don’t go ( )26.She isn’t hungry , so she doesn’t feel like ______. A. eating something B. to eat something C. eating anything D. to eat anything ( )27.___ fine day it is! Let’s go and fly a kite. A. What B. What a C. How D. How a ( )28. —________ do you take a shower? —Every day. A. How many B. How much C. How old D. How often ( )29. My family goes for a trip ___ a year, in summer vacation or in winter vacation. A. once B. twice C. three times D. four times ( )30. My cousin has a good ___. He never play games if he doesn’t do his homework. A. habit B. result C. friend D. time ( )31. Getting up e


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