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PAGE 单元专项训练 Ⅰ.单项选择 1.This girl  C  English since she was 3 years old.? A.learns       B.learnt C.has learnt   D.have learnt 2.—Does Jimmy still work as a driver? —No.He has  C  for two years.? A.left the company B.gone to Shanghai  C.studied in college D.lost his job 3.This medicine  C  millions of people’s lives since it was put into use.? A.is saving   B.will save    C.has saved    D.had saved 4.—What a nice watch!How long  B  you    it?? —For just two weeks. A.will;buy  B.have;had   C.were;having  D.did;buy 5.This museum  D  here for over 80 years.It    one of the oldest buildings in this city.? A.is;was  B.had been;is C.was;has been D.has been;is Ⅱ.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空 1.Li Hua   has had  (have)the camera for 5 years.? 2.I    have kept   (keep)this book for two days.? 3.We   haven’t heard  (not hear)from him so far.? 4.In the past twenty years,my hometown  has changed (change)a lot.? 5.My grandpa    has been dead   (die)for 5 years.? 6.I  have been (be)to Beijing several times,but I still want  to go (go)there this vacation.? 7.Mike  has had (have)this phone since last September.He  bought (buy)it when he just started to work.? 8.We  haven’t met (not meet)each other for five years.Both of us  left (leave)the factory in 2009.? 9.The hospital    has been   (be)there for 15 years.It   is  (be)the tallest building in our city.? 10.The children  have never visited (never visit)the Great Wall before.Their parents will take(take)them there next month.? Ⅰ.单项选择 1.(2017·山东潍坊)—What do you think of the boy? —He is  B  honest student today and    useful man tomorrow.? A.a;an   B.an;a    C.an;an    D.a;a 2.(2017·山东日照)The TV show Letters Alive brings back people’s  D  of writing to each other.? A.ideas      B.hobbies C.styles     D.memories 3.(2017·山东日照)—What time is it?  —Just a minute.I will  B  it for you.? A.examine     B.check C.watch     D.set 4.(2016·湖北襄阳)The 24th Winter Olympic Games   C   in Beijing and Zhangjiakou in 2022,from February 4th to 20th.? A.is going to hold


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