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Module 1;Unit 1;lost and found box ;Whose bag is this?;crayons;;football;;;物主代词(形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词);1、This is _____ (我的)pen. That is _______ (你的). 2、Whose bag is this? It’s _____ (她的). 3、This isn’t _______(我的) book. _________(我的) is read. I think it’s _______ (他的). ;1. Is the football Tony’s? 2. Are the crayons Betty’s? 3. Whose gloves are these? ;Task 2 Listen and answer the questions.;Match the people with their things. 1、Lingling a) crayons 2、Daming b) gloves 3、Tony c) tapes 4、Betty d) wallet 5、Ms Li e) watch;Task 3 Listen and “Find the host”.;Task 4 Listen and find out the sentences.;Please be careful with your things from now on!;Read and try to recite the conversations in 5 —10minutes.;Role-play;Group work; Make up a dialogue. A: Come and look in the … There are a lot of… Whose…is this/ are these? B: It’s… A: Is this…yours, B? B: Yes./No, it isn’t. I think it’s… A: Whose … is this/are these? C: It is/They are… A: Everyone, please be careful with…;Ms Li _________ her students back to school. First of all, she asks her students to come and ________ in the lost and found box. There are a lot of things in it. Lingling ________ her bag, _________ and eraser in the box. There are some tapes and they are Daming’s. Here is a purple _________ and it’s Tony’s because here is his name “Tony”. Look at this ________ watch. Daming thinks it’s Betty’s. And Lingling says it’s ________. Ms Li tells _________ to be careful ________ their things from now on. ________ gloves are they? Oh, they are Ms Li’s. ;Task 5; First of all, come and look in the lost and found box! 首先,来看一看失物招领箱。;2. —Whose bag is this? 这是你的书包吗? —It’s mine. 这是我的。; 完成句子。 你的生日礼物在这儿。 ______ ______ your birthday present.;4. Everyone, please be careful with your things from now on. 各位同学,从现在开始请大家小心保管好你们的物品。;Danny, be


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