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外文翻译---在逆向工程中对拟合曲线的数据点云的预处理.docx 21页

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附 录The Pre-Processing of Data Points for Curve Fitting in Reverse Engineering Reverse engineering has become an important tool for CAD model construction from the data points, measured by a coordi-nate measuring machine (CMM), of an existing part. A major problem in reverse engineering is that the measured points having an irregular format and unequal distribution are dif?-cult to ?t into a B-spline curve or surface. The paper presents a method for pre-processing data points for curve ?tting in reverse engineering. The proposed method has been developed to process the measured data points before ?tting into a B-spline form. The format of the new data points regenerated by the proposed method is suitable for the requirements for ?tting into a smooth B-spline curve with a good shape. The entire procedure of this method involves ?ltering, curvature analysis, segmentation, regressing, and regenerating steps. The method is implemented and used for a practical application in reverse engineering. The result of the reconstruction proves the viability of the proposed method for integration with current commercial CAD systems.1. IntroductionWith the progress in the development of computer hardware and software technology, the concept of computer-aided tech-nology for product development has become more widely accepted by industry. The gap between design and manufactur-ing is now being gradually narrowed through the development of new CAD technology. In a normal automated manufacturing environment, the operation sequence usually starts from product design via geometric models created in CAD systems, and ends with the generation of machining instructions required to convert raw material into a ?nished product, based on the geometric model. To realise the advantages of modern com-puter-aided technology in the product development and manu-facturing process, a geometric model of the part to be created in the CAD system is required. However, there are some situations in product de


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