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【高考复习】2016届人教新课标,全国卷地区专用英语一轮复习课件—必修5 Unit 4Making the news.ppt 59页

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(3)As planes and cars were ____________________ oil, people went and found many big oil wells. 由于飞机和汽车迫切需要很多油料,人们勘探到许多大油井。 (4)It is every citizen's demand that the murderer who killed three children ________________________. 每个公民都要求严惩那个谋杀了三名儿童的杀人犯。 返回目录 Unit 4 Making the news in great demand of (should) be severely punished 考点互动探究 7 approve vt.& vi. (to agree to a plan; to consider right or good; to think or speak favourably of)批准,通过;认可;赞成;同意 (1)approve sth 核准(批准)某事 approve of sb/sth 赞成某人/某事 approve of sb's doing sth 同意某人做某事 (2)without approval 未经许可 with one's approval 经某人同意 返回目录 Unit 4 Making the news 考点互动探究 【活学活用】 (1)[2014?湖北卷?阅读B] Before building work began, a lot of people didn't want the Shard though the plans were approved. 在建设工作开始之前,尽管计划已经通过了,许多人还是不想接受水晶宫的设计。 (2)Her father will never approve ________ her marrying such a lazy fellow. 她父亲永远不会赞成她嫁给这样的懒人。 (3)The developers submitted building plans to the council for ________. 开发商把施工方案提交议会以求批准。 返回目录 Unit 4 Making the news approval of 考点互动探究 (4)If my plan ________________of by the Committee, all my work will have wasted. 如果我的计划得不到委员会的批准,我的功夫就白费了。 返回目录 Unit 4 Making the news isn't approved 考点互动探究 8 inform vt. (give information or knowledge to; tell)通知;告知 返回目录 Unit 4 Making the news 考点互动探究 【活学活用】 (1)[2014?广东卷?阅读B] One after another, the next six drivers arriving at the tollbooth were informed. 其他六个陆续到达收费站的司机得到了通知。 (2)The newspapers keep us ________________ what is going on around us at any time. 报纸随时让我们了解我们周围发生的事情。 (3)__________________________________him of the exact time for the meeting earlier, he wouldn't have been late yesterday. 要是我早一点儿通知他开会的准确时间,昨天他就不会迟到了。 返回目录 Unit 4 Making the news Had I informed/If I had informed informed of 考点互动探究 (4)You ought to inform the police ________that a man who's been hiding in the bushes outside your gate. 你应该通知警察有个人藏在你大门外的树丛里。 返回目录 Unit 4 Making the news about/of 考点互动探究 ◇ 短语储存 ◇ 1 depend on/upon 依靠,依赖 depend on sb to do sth


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