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    Introduction Cause and affect stress Many people ask us what cause stress? Many things in your life cause stress such as jobs, school, money, relationships and many other factors. It affects your health and also it produces many emotions. It is often seen as a negative emotion. But it is true that stress playsan important role in our survival. It helps us face threats and dangerous situations. Get us motivated and can even make us perform better. But it is more chronic when the stress comes from any situation or thought that make you feel frustrated,, angry, anxious, or hopelessness We have to have precaution when stress is chronic because we will need treated with medication We going to focus in daily stress, we will lern you to recognize what it is that is causing the stress in your lives We give many alternatives for helping you that sure are very helpful for you and you will have better life. Causes of stress Many people experience stress on a daily basis, and many of the stressors are the same for everyone. Some people are, by nature or habit, more susceptible to stress. But we can learn to control our response to those situations There are many causes of stress in life including: Drug misuse Alcohol misuse Illness Smoking Health worries Unemployment Financial problems Perfectionism Exams Giving talks/presentations Job insecurity Workaholic Relationship difficulties Victim of crime Family change: separation, divorce, new baby, marriage Responsibility increase: new dependent, new job Finance Financial stress has led to cuase stress. Some who name finances as the leading cause of stress cite major purchases they have to make, such as a home or car. Others are stressed by a loss of income, or mounting credit card debt. For some, financial stress will eventuate in bankruptcy. While college students stress over paying for an education, Baby Boomers and older senior citizens find that retirement income can be a major cause of stress. Work Stress at workplace is


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