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雅思语法 第五讲 语法问题总结 Yolanda 语法常见错误16个 语法常见错误16个 数的不一致 Smoking cessation is one of the likely factor that contribute to the development of obesity. 有些词或者短语后面一般要加可数名词的复数。 数的不一致 a few few a variety of various other numerous a number of different one of many 数的不一致 Many teenagers begin smoking habits due to peer pressure but not for any other reasons. 有些词后面一般加可数名词单数。 any other another each neither either 数的不一致 (错) China is larger than any country in Asia. (对) China is larger than any other country in Asia. 使用比较级是要避免和自己比较,一定要把自身排除在外. 数的不一致 There are evidences that rules can lead to children's anti-social behaviour. 不可数名词没有复数 information knowledge evidence behaviour news 数的不一致 The datas are a valuable asset to the company. data本身就是复数 child——children species——species datum——data medium——media phenomenon——phenomena 数的不一致 Anybody who do not save money for their retirement will have to accept a lower standard of living in later years. 单数代词 anybody everybody somebody nobody he she it one 介词使用错误 Many smokers are unwilling to cease smoking despite they have knowledge of ill health effects. despite不是连词,是介词。 类似的介词 in spite of, during, because of 介词使用错误 Public disorder can lead to damage a country's economy. Public disorder can lead to a country's economic crisis. There are many solutions to deal with the problem. There are many solutions to the problem. 介词使用错误 Traditional buildings are desired sometimes, for the simple reason is that they are of commercial and cultural values. for 此处为介词 情态动词 情态动词使用错误 Children's confidence should be shaken if they are not given adequate support. can This trend can persisted for years. 情态动词后面只加动词原形 情态动词使用错误 Clothes for travel should was lightweight and practical. Environmental problems should be solve as soon as possible. 副词使用错误 Students are more likely to do homework on the computer in today. People can travel to and from duty in every day on foot or by


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