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Passage 7 A man was walking through a forest.He had a few caps in his hand.In the forest there were a lot of monkeys.h was hot, so he decided to have a rest under a tree.He put a cap on his head and lay down to sleep. When he woke up,he couldn't find his caps, "Where are my caps?"he cried and looked up.He saw some monkeys in the tree.Each had a cap on its head. "Give back my caps! "shouted the man to the monkeys.But the monkeys didn't understand him.They only jumped, danced and laughed. "How can I get back my caps?"he thought hard.At last he had an idea.He took off his cap and threw it on the ground.The little monkeys did the same thing.Happily the man picked up all the caps and went on his way. 判断正误(T或F): ( ) 1. One day a man was going through a forest. ( ) 2. The man decided to have a rest because he was ill. ( ) 3. When the man woke up, he found his caps were gone. ( ) 4. The man saw a lot of birds in the tree. ( ) 5. The man was angry when he got all his caps back. Passage 8 An owl(猫头鹰) is a bird with very big eyes.These eyes make the owl look clever. The owl can not move its eyes freely(自由地) as we can.It can only look straight(笔直地) ahead (向前).If it wants to look at both sides,it must turn its neck.Owls see better at night than during the day.At night they look for food.They eat mice (老鼠) and insects (昆虫). Owls make a strange(奇怪的)noise.Because the owls sleep most of the day,they usually give their cries at night.The cry sounds like "Whooo! Whooo".This strange sound sometimes frightens (使…害怕) people at night. ( ) 1. An owl looks clever because A. it has a beautiful body B. it has big eyes C. it can look straight ahead D. it can turn its neck ( ) 2. An owl looks for food at night because A. it has large eyes B. it can't move its eyes freely as we can C. it sees better at night than during the day D.


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