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GridWorld Case StudyGridWorld的案例研究.PPT 64页

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GridWorld Case Study Barbara Ericson Georgia Tech ericson@cc.gatech.edu Jan 2008 Purpose of a Case Study Give students a larger program to study and extend context to apply inheritance and polymorphism Serve as an example of good design and coding practices and a context for discussion of issues An early study showed that students who had a case study performed better on the AP exam than those who didn't women perform better than men usually on case study questions Why did the Case Study Change? The Marine Biology Case Study was too complicated hard to extend beyond fish Goals for new case study Reuse part of the Marine Biology Case Study Have fewer classes Be easier to extend Be rich enough for a variety of exam questions Set-up Add gridworld.jar to the classpath in your IDE So that Java can find the classes in GridWorld In DrJava click on Edit and then Preferences Then click on the add button and add gridworld.jar Then click apply Exit and start DrJava again Chapter 1: Intro to GridWorld Open BugRunner.java In projects/firstProject Run the main method Click the step button Click on an empty grid cell and create a rock in front of the bug Click on the Step button Click on a bug Get a menu of methods Click on a method to invoke it Click on a flower and a rock too Exercise Set 1 Does the bug always move to a new location? In what direction does the bug move? What does the bug do if it can’t move? What does the bug leave behind when it moves? What happens when the bug is at the edge of the grid? And facing the edge? And not facing the edge? What happens when a bug is facing a rock and you click step? Does a flower move? What behavior does a flower have? Does a rock move or have any other behavior? Can more than one actor (bug, flower, rock) be in the same grid location at the same time? Exercise Answers Set 1 Does the bug always move to a new location? No, not if a rock is in front or if it is facing a boundary of the world In what direction does the bug move? The


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