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DHCP协议原理(国外英语资料) DHCP protocol principle DHCP is an abbreviation for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Dynamic Host allocation Protocol), and DHCP is divided into two parts: one is the server side and the other is the client. All IP network Settings are managed centrally by the DHCP server and are responsible for handling DHCP requirements on the client side. The client USES the IP environment data that is allocated from the server. DHCP allocation form First, you must at least have a DHCP working on network, it can monitor network DHCP requests, and with the client to rub the quotient set of TCP/IP environment. It offers three types of IP location: 1) Manual Allocation: the network administrator binds a fixed IP address to a few specific Host bindings and the address does not expire 2) Automatic Allocation: automatically assigned, the situation is: once the DHCP client successfully for the first time after renting to an IP address from the DHCP server end, will never use this address. 3) Dynamic Allocation: Dynamic Allocation, when the DHCP for the first time after renting to an IP address from the DHCP server end, is not a permanent use this address, as long as the lease expires, the client will be released (release) the IP address, so that can be used for other workstations. DHCP works in a different way depending on whether the client is logging on to the network for the first time. The first time you log in: look for Server. When a DHCP client to log in for the first time, is the customer found the phone without any IP data set, it can give out a DHCP DISCOVER the network packets. Because the client don't know oneself belong to which a network, so the packet source address for , the destination address is for 55, then attach a DHCP discover information broadcast to the network. The Windows default cases, DHCP discover the waiting time of the default to 1 seconds, when the client will first DHCP discover packets sent out later, didn't get a response in less t


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