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一、根据句意及首字母或括号里的汉语或单词提示,补全句中的单词,并注意其变化形式。1.After a careful d____________they decided to put off the meeting.2. The old man is s_____________ ill. We must send for a doctor at once.3. The more careful you are, the f_____________ mistakes you’ll make.4. A_____________ comes after summer. It’s a harvest season.5. Sorry, I didn’t hear you c_____________. Please say it again.6. China has the l_____________ population in the world.7. W_____________ is between Tuesday and Thursday. 8. —When is Father’s Day? —It’s on the t_____________ Sunday in June.9. —Do you keep a d_____________? —Yes. I started to write many years ago.10. November is the e_____________month of a year.11. Lakers will play a______________Rockets in the NBA match tonight.12. Lingling,Betty and I enjoyed o______________at the party last night.13. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the Chinese t____________festivals.14. F____________,the soldiers arrived at the village after a few days’ long walk.15. If there’s something wrong with your teeth, you’d better go to see a d_________.16.The boys like reading.They often b___________books from the school library.17. If a Chinese lives in a f____________ country, be or she is called an overseas Chinese. 18. Why didn’t you do your homework? Students are s_____________ to do their homework, you know. 19. I have been playing volleyball for hours. Now I’m so tired and t___________. Could you get me some water?20. It’s not p____________ to look around when you are speaking to others. 21. Most people agree that eating fruits and v______________ is good for health. 22. He was late for class because he m_____________the first bus.23. Be careful. There is a wine b___________ on the table. You might break it.24. The number after twenty-nine is t_____________.25. It’s dangerous to d_____________ a car after you get drunk.26. If a dream comes t___________, it actually happens.27. When snow f_____________, it comes down from the sky.28. It’s best to water plants either e____________

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