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课时分配 Module 3 1. Introduction 2. Reading and Vocabulary Vocabulary If you are going to the New Year Concert 2005 in Vienna, what do you expect to see and hear in the music hall? Introduction Classification Introduction - Discussion Jigsaw discussion: Work in groups. Choose one question and discuss it. Then report your answers to all. Which of the instruments do you like listening to? Which famous musicians play them? Is the Chinese instrument different from the other instruments? Describe the difference, if there is one. Pre-reading Can you name some famous composer? Then match the pictures with the names. Information sharing: How much do you know about them? First Reading – 1. Title Can you predict the title of this passage? Read the passage as fast as possible, and then choose the best title. First Reading – 2. Word guessing Second Reading – 1. Part 3 & 4 Answers to Part 3: Answers to Part 4: Second Reading – 2. Jigsaw reading and fill in the details. Activity: Interview Work in four. Group 1: (one of the composers) Get ready for for talking about your experiences of being one of the 3 composers Group 2: (host of a TV program) Get ready for questions to ask the composers. Group 3: (many fans of them) Get ready for more person questions. Post Reading – Fill in the form below. General idea: phrases: BS: (选做) Discussion Few people enjoy listening to classical music, compared with pop and rock. Why is it like that? HW Write a letter to your friend in Africa, introducing one composer, using words and phrases learnt today. Period 2 Module 3 Music Grammar 1 – Part 1 Recall the sentences from Reading and Vocabulary and then fill in the blanks. _____ it was performed in America, there was an audience of 100,000 people. ____ he was very young, Mozart had a lot of musical talent. _____ he was still a teenager, he was a big star. ______ he grew older, he began to go deaf. Grammar 1 – Part 2 First do Part 2 on your own, then check th


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