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新视野第三册答案Unit 1Section A. The Expensive Fantasy of Lord Williams 《读写教程 III》: Ex. II, p. 91. Because this is a title bought with stolen money. The guy’s real name is Anthony Williams.2. It’s small, with a population of only 320.3. No. He looks like a Scottish noble, soft-spoken and wealthy.4. The truth is that the man with endless money and a friendly manner was not a lord at all but a government employee living out a fantasy that he was a Scottish noble and paying for it by stealing funds from Scottish Yard. 5. He stole more than eight million pounds over eight years and poured about five million pounds into the village.6. Most of the stolen money was supposed to be used to pay spies and conduct secret activities against the Irish Republican Army.7. He used the money to buy an estate, a beautiful home, and a dozen noble titles. But most of all, he sunk his dishonest gains into the village, buying multiple cottages, a pub and a run-down hotel and turning them into very good-looking places.8. His bank deposits were so large that they were noticed by the bank’s management. The bank then notified the police, who discovered that the criminal was one of their own.9. Because in the eyes of some villagers Williams is a helper, pouring most of his stolen money into the village and giving jobs to 43 people.10. He said in an interview after he was arrested: “I discovered this bloody huge amount of money. I went from the need to pay off a few debts to what can only be described as greed. There is no way to justify it.”《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅲ, p. 91. suspicion2. restored3. considerate4. inherited5. furnish6. justify7. substantial8. fantastic《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅳ, p. 101. To his embarrassment he discovered2. like that3. strike deals with4. live it out5. falls upon dark days6. nothing but 7. captured the heart of the little boy with8. raise a glass to《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅴ, p. 101. economy2. business3. campaign4. poll5. survey6. research7. lessons8. study《读写教程 III》: Ex. VI, p. 111. well-advised (明智的)


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