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Unit 11. 这种植物只有在培育它的土壤中才能很好地成长。The plant does not grow well in soils other than the one in which it has been developed.2. 研究结果表明,无论我们白天做了什么事情,晚上都会做大约两个小时的梦。Research findings show that we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we may have done during the day. 3. 有些人往往责怪别人没有尽最大努力,以此来为自己的失败辩护。 Some people tend to justify their failure by blaming others for not trying their best. 4. 我们忠于我们的承诺:凡是答应做的,我们都会做到。 We remain true to our commitment: Whatever we promised to do, we would do it. 5. 连贝多芬的父亲都不相信自己儿子日后有一天可能成为世界上最伟大的音乐家。爱迪生也同样如此,他的老师觉得他似乎过于迟钝。 Even Beethoven's father discounted the possibility that his son would one day become the greatest musician in the world. The same is true of Edison, who seemed to his teacher to be quite dull.6. 当局控告他们威胁国家安全。 They were accused by the authorities of threatening the state security. 7. 出入除自己家以外的任何场所时,如果你带有宠物,一定要了解有关宠物的规定。If you move into any place other than your own private home, make sure you know what the rules are about pets if you have one.8. 一些女性完全可以不待在家里,而是去工作,挣一份不错的工资。但是为了家庭,她们放弃了工作。Some women could have made a good salary in job instead of staying at home, but they decided not to work for the sake of the family.9. 你怎么为这样粗鲁的行为辩护?你将会为此付出沉重的代价,因为他们己经以低毁名誉的罪名起诉你了。 How can you justify such rudeness? You will pay heavily for that because they have sued you for damaging their good name.10. 批评有其重要作用;我们可能当时不喜欢它,但是它能激励我们去做更伟大的事情。Criticism can be of great use ; we may not like it at the time, but it can spur us on to greater things.11. 他毫不让步的行为遭到公众的反对,这使得他陷人了精神上崩溃、经济上破产的境地。His uncompromising behavior, to which the public objected, left him bankrupt emotionally and financially.12. 即使你失败了,也不要被失败伤害,更不要被失败左右。记住:失败是学习过程中必要的一步;它不是学习、的结束,而是学习的开始。 Even if you fail, don’t let failure harm you, don’t let failure take over. Remember failure is a necessary in learning; it is not the end of your learning, but the beginning. Unit 21. 要是这部喜剧中的人物更幽默些的话,就会吸引更多的观众。 If the characters in this comedy had been more humorous, it would


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