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新视野大学英语二英语期末考试题范围总结--答案版.docx 26页

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选择题范围Lawyer__charge__such high fees,but they never seem to be short of clients.It is matter of __convention__that male business people usually wear suits on formal occasions.These people are very___efficient?__,very organized and excellent time managers.Julian says he hopes to get a job and find a way to__obtain___a college education.Having studied business at college and knowing two foreign languages,my secretary is perfectly____?competent?______for her job.The leading economists of the country have been____assessing______the influence of the current crisis upon its economy.The general public did not have confidence that the government would be able to ___fulfill?_______this difficult job.The company is___conducting?_______a survey to find out local reaction to their recently promoted product.The rain was heavy and____consequently______the land was flooded.The discovery of the oilfield is of great____?significance______to the economy in this region.I would like to find a job in an___?promising_______company after I graduate.The mother couldn’t help laughing at her little boy’s___amusing______appearance.The tall man____lowered______his head so that he could enter the room.Though the plan didn’t work well,he____persisted______in following it.Should it be a failure as many experts predict,it would_____rank_____as one of the worse man-made disasters.Don’t____swear______at others in any situation no matter how angry you are.It is really____?unfair______that she didn’t get promoted just because of her skin color!She was very glad to see the___?presence?_______of many old friends at her birthday party.Why are you____?frowning?______all the time?Try to look happy!I cannot tell the exact number;____?approximately______ 100 students will be presented with medals as recognition of their excellence.I firmly believe that this agreement will be for our____?mutual______benefit.People have bought these houses under the____illusion______that their value would just keep on rising.Th


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