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I. Answer the following questions based on the text. 3. How long does DSB to settle a dispute? 1 year (without appeal), 1 year and 3 months (with appeal) Reference I. Answer the following questions based on the text. 4. How are disputes settled by DBS? The First stage for settling disputes is consultation. The Second stage involves the panel. The third stage is appeals. In any case, the Dispute Settlement Body monitors how adopted rulings are implemented. Any outstanding case remains on its agenda until the issue is resolved. Reference I. Answer the following questions based on the text. 5. What responsibilities does the panel take? Officially, the panel is helping the Dispute Settlement Body make rulings or recommendations. But because the panel’s report can only be rejected by consensus in the Dispute Settlement Body, its conclusions are difficult to overturn. The panel’s findings have to be based on the agreements cited. Reference II. Read the following terms and match each with its proper definition. 1.abide a. a court of people officially appointed to deal with special matters 2.enforce b. (esp. of food ) likely to decay quickly if not kept in proper conditions 3.violate c. concerning or including more than two groups or nations 4.appeal d. a meeting held to exchange opinions and ideas so that a decision can be made 5.consultation e. to cause (a rule or law) to be obeyed or carried out effectively 6.perishable f. the quality or state of being stable 7.multilateral g. to obey exactly or remain faithful to (laws, promises,) 8.stability h. to formally ask a higher law court to change the decision of a lower court 9.dispute i. an argument or quarrel, esp, an official one between one group


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