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英语(基础模块上册 语文版)说课:Unit Seasons 免费.doc 4页

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英语(基础模块上册 语文版)说课:Unit Seasons 免费.doc
语文出版社 基础模块上册Unit6 Seasons 说课稿 Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It’s my great honor to be here sharing my lesson with you. The topic of my lesson is Seasons,the reading part of unit 6. I have been ready to begin this representation with seven Ts. They are teaching material, teaching object, teaching aims, teaching keys and difficulties, teaching methods, teaching procedures and teaching reflection. Part 1 Teaching Material The content of my lesson is Seasons. Season is closely related with students?daily life. By studying this lesson ,students will master some key sentence patterns and learn how to describe each season. Part 2 Teaching Object My students major in mechanical engineering. Most of them are weak in English, before this class, students have three problems:1) the new words and sentences pronunciation problems;2) no accumulation of words and sentence patterns associated with seasons 3)some students could not finish each class task. but they are eager to learn and willing to communicate with others. Part 3 Teaching Aims According to the aim of training students into practical talents with high quality and after studying the teaching material, the teaching aims are as follows: Knowledge Learn some key words and sentences ,understand the text。 Abilities By the end of the lesson, students are able to: describe the four Seasons develop students' oral expression ability and writing ability. Emotion Through the study of season, strengthens the student抯 love for the nature. Part 4 Teaching keys and difficulties The key points of the lesson are: 1.vocabulary about weather;2. representation of adjectives. These key points will be carried out in my teaching procedures. However we still have some difficulties to overcome, that is, Comparative and superlative. Part 5 Teaching Methods. As is known to us all, a good teaching method requires that the teacher should help Ss develop good sense of the target language----especially for the purpose of effective co


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