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自动化专业毕业设计(论文)外文翻译-----电子动力转向系统.doc 12页

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自动化专业毕业设计(论文)外文翻译 Electronic power steering system What it is Electrically powered steering uses an electric motor to drive either the power steering HYPERLINK "/infobank/epc.htm" \t "_top" hydraulic pump or the steering linkage directly. The power steering function is therefore independent of engine speed, resulting in significant energy savings. How it works : Conventional power HYPERLINK "/infobank/epc.htm" \t "_top" steering systems use an engine accessory belt to drive the pump, providing pressurized fluid that operates a piston in the power steering gear or actuator to assist the driver. In electro-hydraulic steering, one electrically powered steering concept uses a high efficiency pump driven by an HYPERLINK "/infobank/epc.htm" \t "_top" electric motor. Pump speed is regulated by an electric controller to vary pump pressure and flow, providing steering efforts tailored for different driving situations. The pump can be run at low speed or shut off to provide energy savings during straight ahead driving (which is most of the time in most world markets). Direct electric steering uses an electric motor attached to the HYPERLINK "/infobank/epc.htm" \t "_top" steering rack via a gear mechanism (no pump or fluid). A variety of motor types and gear drives is possible. A microprocessor controls steering dynamics and driver effort. Inputs include vehicle speed and steering, wheel torque, angular position and turning rate. Working In Detail: A "steering sensor" is located on the input shaft where it enters the gearbox housing. The steering sensor is actually two sensors in one: a "torque sensor" that converts steering torque input and its direction into voltage signals, and a "rotation sensor" that converts the rotation speed and direction into voltage signals. An "interface" circuit that shares the same housing converts the signals from the torque sensor and rotation sensor into signals the control electronics can process. Inputs from the steering sensor are dig


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