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江西教师招聘面试英语说课讲稿:《A-good-read》.doc 5页

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江西教师招聘面试英语说课稿:《A good read》Good morning/afternoon, my dear judges. I'm number 4. It's my great honor to have this opportunity to talk about my teaching ideas. Today my topic is “A good read” .My presentation consists of the following aspects.I Analysis of teaching materialsThis lesson is from Yilin-oxford press,volume two of grade 5,unit4. the main content of this unit is about book reading , though this lesson students can know the inportance of reading, this unit is meaningful to guide students develop a good reading habit.II Analysis of studentsStudents in grade 8 have already learn english for many years, they can read and listen but they do not master the effective skills in listening , they have their own opinions ,but they are still shy to speak in english, so i will train their speaking and listening skills though different activities in the class.III Analysis of teaching aimsAccording to the analysis of the teaching materials and my students, the teaching aim are as follows:(1)Knowledge aims:Students can get the main content of the dialogue though extensive listening.Students can get what book does daniel and sandy likes to read respectively.Students can master the scentence mattern “what are you doing ?” “what do you like to do?”(2)Ability aims:Students can know how to get the main idea by using extensive listening skills.Students can grasp the intensive listening skills in finding detailed information.Students can improve their speaking skills through dialuge and group discussion.(3)Emotional aims:Students can know the importance of reading and can develop a good habit of reading after learning this unitIV Analysis of teaching key points and difficult pointsAccording to the teaching aims , teaching key and difficult points are as followskey points:Scentence pattern: “-what are you doing ?-i am doing ” “-what do you like to do?- i’d like to do ”Students can get main idea of listening materialdifficult points:Students can use the listening skills in finding


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