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英语1xinzi 交际用语 The shower isn’t working. —I’ll call the plumber. What do you do? —I am a policeman. What would you like. —An orange juice, please. What is she doing right. Now —She is talking to Mary. Hello. I’m David Manning. Nice to me you. —Nice to meet you, too. I’m Xiaoyan. 词汇与结构 He works at a school. I usually get up at 7 o’clock in the morning. The Business Banking Department is on the second floor. David is the only accountant in my father’s company. Mr Green is now on a holiday. Have you got any family? Mark is responsible for the international market. Her name is Clair. I am planning a new marketing campaign at the moment. Polly enjoys playing the guitar in a band in her free time. There are three plants in the office. He works in the Finance Department of a large company. What does “nr” mean? I sometimes go to the pub on Friday. These people are my friends. Those people are my husband’s friends. He lives in New York City. His parents live in Dallas. My husband doesn’t like shopping. But I like it very much. Where do your parents live? I’m a university student. How much does the flat cost a month? 翻译 What’s the time?—it is a quarter past seven。(七点一刻) I work from 8 am to 3pm. (从早上八点到下午三点) Her husband works in insurance.(在保险行业工作) How about going to an estate agent? —yes, that’s a good idea.(是个好主意) Why don’t you (你为什么不)go and talk to them face to face? 翻译成汉语 What about playing football tomorrow afternoon? 明天下午去踢球怎么样啊? I am looking for a flat on the ground floor. 我正在找一个在一楼的公寓。 Do you like reading English newspapers? 你喜欢阅读英语报纸吗? He isn’t a programmer. He is an engineer. 他不是一名程序员,他是一名工程师。 She is talking to a customer right now. 她现在和客户在谈话。 交际用语 How do I get to the airport, please? —You can take the tube. What does your English teacher look like? —she’s tall and has long, wavy hair. What’s the weather like in this area? —it’s rainy. Would you like to go with us? —I’d love to. Excuse me, where is the nearest bank, please? —It’s next to the newsagent. 词汇与结构 What i


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