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A. Look and listen Identify the family types in the pictures. Listen to the statements and fill in the blanks with the words or phrases in the list. nuclear extended homosexual specific gender distant social gender distance biological divorced adopted single-parent ? 1. A??(nuclear )?family contains a married couple and their children, and both parents are the??(biological )?parents of their children. 2. An??(extended )?family consists of the biological or adoptive parents, their children, and other close relatives, such as the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and sometimes more??(distant )?relatives. 3. A??(homosexual )?family consists of a couple of the same biological sex or??(social gender), and they might have adopted children. 4.??(Single-parent)?families are families with children under age 18 headed by a parent who is widowed or??(divorced )?and not remarried, or by a parent who has never married. B. Ask and answer the questions Ask and answer the following questions with a partner. 1. Can you name any family type? Your answer: Reference answer:?There are quite a few family types, such as the nuclear family, the extended family, the homosexual family, the international family or cross-cultural family, the stepfamily (also known as a blended family or reconstituted family, i.e. a family in which one or both members of the couple have children from a previous family), the single-parent family, and the polygamist family. 2. Which family type do you prefer, the extended family or the nuclear family? Why? Your answer: Reference answer:?It depends. If I have a full-time job and my child is still young, I prefer an extended family to a nuclear family, that is, living together with my parents or parents-in-law, because they can help take care of the baby. 3. Who is the breadwinner (挣钱养家的人) in your family? Whose income is larger? Who has the final say? Your answer: Reference answer:?Both my father and my mother are the breadwinners in my family. Unlike most tra


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