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广西英文介绍;Guangxi is an autonomous place made particularly for Zhuang population. It is located in the western part of South China. The capital of this region is Nanning. This region consists of several beautiful mountains, hills and plains. This place consists of many ethnic inhabitants. People in this place are very social and have a diversity of practices. It is one of the perfect holiday destinations.;Similarities:;Differences;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Snail noodles ;Be different from Snail noodles ,Gunlin noodles is famous for light and delicious. Light 清淡;糯米鸡;Sweet pig production process is complicated very much, in Guangxi, it is the highest level of food to meet and greet guests.;Mango is one of the most famous fruit in Guangxi. Different from traditional mango. It has a green skin and juicy flesh. Juicy 多汁的 flesh 果肉 ;Every August,GuangXi will held a mango festival.In that time,pepole not only can taste fresh mangoes,but also can appraise and elect a mango that the biggest in all the mangoes.;In addition to mango, still have a lot of tropical fruits in GuangXi are very common things. Tropical 热带 In addition to 除…..之外


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