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高考英语一轮复习Unit2TheUnitedKingdom单元知识检测课件新人教版必修5.ppt 14页

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单元知识检测 教材回扣 Ⅰ.用本单元所学短语完成句子 1.This word is wrongly spelt.You have        (遗漏) a letter. 2.The professor has suddenly fallen ill.Who can       (代替) him to give the lecture? 3.He           (崩溃) as he thought of his failure to sell all his papers. 答案:1.left out 2.take the place of 3.broke down 4.Listening is an active behaviour           (包括) hearing, understanding and remembering.? 5.The college                (分成)four sections according to function.? 答案:4.consisting of 5.is divided into Ⅱ.课文缩写填空   The United Kingdom consists 1.     England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland.England is the largest of the four countries,and for convenience it2.    (divide) roughly into three zones.London is the centre of national government and its administration,which also has fine museums,art collections and the 3.     (old) port.? Why did only Northern Ireland join with England,Wales and Scotland?In the early twentieth century the English government tried to form the United Kingdom by getting Ireland 4.     (connect) without conflict.However,the southern part of Ireland was unwilling and broke away 5.     (form) its own government.To their credit,the four countries do work together in the currency,international relations and so on,6.     they still have very different 7.     (institution).? 答案:1.of 2.is divided 3.oldest 4.connected 5.to form 6.but 7.institutions 8.industrial 9.built 10.the It is a pity that in England the 8.    (industry) cities attract visitors no longer.However,to English people’s delight,the older but smaller towns 9.     (build) by the Romans are taking 10.     place of them,attracting most of the tourists from all over the world.? 语境活用 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.Chengdu has dozens of new millionaires and new hotels,but for me, pandas are its top      (attract).? 2.Whatever she says will not make any difference to our      (arrangement).? 3.I should be grateful if you would reply at your earliest     (convenient). 答案:1.att


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