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. . The Fisherman and His Soul About the Book The Fisherman and His Soul is a short story from Oscar Wilde's collection The Happy Prince and Other Tales. Wilde writes these stories for his children in 1888. The Fisherman and His Soul is the story of a young fisherman. One day he catches a mermaid in his fishing net and he falls in love with her. The fisherman learns he cannot be with the mermaid because he has a human soul. The fisherman then tries to send away his human soul. The fisherman learns from a witch how to send his soul away. He is then free to be with his mermaid. His soul is alone in the world. He travels the world. Each year he comes back to the fisherman and tells him about his travels. One of the themes of the story is temptation. In the story the mermaid tempts the fisherman with stories of the sea. The fisherman tempts the witch to help him send away his soul. And his soul tries to tempt the fisherman to leave the mermaid. But the main theme of the story is love. Love is more important than anything. The soul cannot tempt the fisherman because the fisherman’s love is too strong. And in the end, we discover that you cannot live without love. The Fisherman and His Soul is an exotic story with Oriental and Eastern influences. There are also mermaids, witches and devils. The language is poetic and is full of allegory. THE MERMAID Every evening the young Fisherman goes out on the sea. He throws his nets into the water. When the wind blows from the land, he doesn't catch many fish. But when the wind blows from the sea, he catches lots of fish and he can sell them at the market. One evening the Fisherman's net is very heavy. He thinks, 'Are all the fish in the sea in my net? Or is there a monster in my net?' He pulls and he pulls his net. There are no fish or monsters in his net. But there is a little Mermaid and she is sleeping. The Mermaid's hair is golden. Her body is white. Her tail is silver and pearl. Her ears are like sea-shells and her lips are


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