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(山东专用)2020届高考英语一轮复习专题十五非谓语动词课件.pptx 42页

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专题十五 非谓语动词; A组????2017—2019年高考模拟·考点基础题组 题组一 非谓语动词作主语、宾语、表语、补语 1.(2019山东济南济钢高级中学一模,70)Strongly promoted by those fashionable women,   ???? (taste) tea gradually became popular among the upper class of Britain. ;3.(2019北京东城期末,6)He kept   ???? (debate) with them about the topic, but they would not change their minds. ;5.(2019山东青岛5月二模,62)There are many reasons why college and university students often fail   ???? (get) full nights of sleep.;题组二 非谓语动词作定语 1.(2019山东邹城质检,63)The main problem is that many people in the world still do not have re- sources  ????(purchase) or grow enough food. ;3.(2019山东济宁3月一模,65)The landing is an example of China's growing desire   ???? (com- pete)with the American,Russian and European space programs.;5.(2019北京海淀二模,7)Therefore, the ability   ???? (trust) yourself will decide your future a lot. ;题组三 非谓语动词作状语 1.(2019山东德州夏津一中月考, 68)But he realizes that something must be changed  ???? (make) sure handmade New Year paintings live on.;B组????2017—2019年高考模拟·专题综合题组 题组一 非谓语动词作主语、宾语、表语、补语;3.(2019山东德州5月二模,68) Successful as the TV drama is, some critics say that some plots are too unrealistic, or even uglify elderly parents by   ???? (put) every possible bad quality of old people into one character.;题组二 非谓语动词作定语 1.(2019 山东高三三模,62) But on Saturday(Sept. 1), millions of parents   ???? (watch) the show disapproved of the “endless” ads delaying the show for 12 minutes.;3.(2019 浙江金华十校模拟,59)In the beginning, a senior man   ???? (name) Li Yubao in a re- mote mountainous area asked his grandson on the phone what gift he wanted for the Spring Festi- val.;题组三 非谓语动词作状语 1.(2019 山东济南4月二模,63)Chinese people also cut imagines of small figures   ???? (call) back the spirits of the dead.;3.(2019山东高三三模,65)The signal travels at almost light speed and faster than the earthquake shaking,   ???? (give) local people a little time to prepare.;C组????2017—2019年高考模拟·应用创新题组 Passage 1 No one is sure how many Americans belong to reading groups  1????(call) book clubs. Yet pub-


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